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Cooking for Vegetarians – I’m not scared to give you something different!
I am neither a vegetarian or vegan, but I do love vegetarian and vegan food and I really enjoy to cook it. I have a lot of vegetarian friends and I feel so disappointed for them at events, restaurants and parties where they are so under catered for. I work exactly the same for all of my clients in that I prefer to create dishes and menus around your favourite ingredients and ideas. You will also like to learn that all my dishes will change with the seasons… and I promise – no stuffed peppers and no ‘roasted veg stacks’!

I have cooked for plenty of fully vegetarian and vegan weddings in Cornwall and I am happy to support you through planning yours, give you inspiration by talking to you about your favourite foods and styles, I can also share previous menus with you so you can see what I have created for clients before.

Email me with any foodie thoughts you may have

A little bit of love from Tom and Peter xx

“We were concerned about our caterer’s ability to provide vegetarian food but Miss Tea reassured us she had provided this and more before”

Their concerns were blown away by the amazing and ingenious tasting dishes she provided during which they discussed their mutual love of Mediterranean food and gardens!

“We chose Miss Tea because her food was delicious, she had a clear joy in catering and love of all food, and we got on so well. We really got the feeling she could’ve cooked the most classical wedding feast as well as the most experimental – whatever you wanted”

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